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More Words, More Money

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Long Form Content Matters

Long-Form Content Matters

People are engaging with content more than ever before, and the longer the content the better. In fact, Google now considers content marketing the #1 ranking factor. Our team is looking forward to sharing our data and insights with you in hopes that you will use this information to boost your content marketing efforts.

What You’ll Get When Downloading Our Data Study


The Latest Data for Long-Form Content

While the average reader is not consuming every word on the page. People naturally scan for information that applies most to their current interest or level of knowledge.


Today's Word Counts

In the last six years, the percentage of long-form content (3,000+ words) has nearly doubled, while short-form content is declining.


How Content Works Over Time

We used our VoiceGraph™ technology to analyze over 9,000,000+ articles from top publishers and found how longform content performs over time.